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Bridging the Gap: Myron Sopher Attends Med Tech Collaborative Discussion

Bridging the Gap: Myron Sopher Attends Med Tech Collaborative Discussion

May 21, 2024

On May 9th, Myron had the opportunity to attend an insightful panel discussion hosted by the Med Tech Collaborative. This event brought together key stakeholders and thought leaders in the medical technology innovation space for an evening of knowledge sharing and relationship building.

The collaborative discussions highlighted several critical themes:

  1. Leveraging the strong basic research happening at local academic and clinical centers to fuel med tech innovation pipelines
  2. The importance of building bridges between research institutions and industry to facilitate commercialization
  3. Strategically aligning research with market needs by engaging a breadth of stakeholders early in the ideation process

As an investor in this space, Myron found immense value in hearing the diverse perspectives of researchers, manufacturers, strategists and regulators. Establishing strong ecosystem networks, like the one fostered by the Med Tech Collaborative, is vital to furthering breakthrough ideas and supporting the growth of medical technology hubs like the one blossoming in the Vermont and New Hampshire region.

The Med Tech Collaborative is doing important work to catalyze innovation and investment in med tech by convening the right people and conversations. We look forward to seeing this collaborative continue to develop and drive exciting advances in medical technology. The connections formed and insights gained at events like this panel discussion will no doubt help propel novel solutions to improve patient care and outcomes.