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The Optimistic Investor Podcast - Discussing Decentralized Finance with Mike Taormina

May 31, 2022

The dollar value of funds being used in the decentralized finance space was less than a billion just two years ago. Now, it's over 200 billion.

This is why Mike Taormina, Head of Institutional Business at the Index Cooperative, argues that everyone should educate and expose themselves to decentralized finance (DeFi). Tyler J. Gardner, InTrack's Portfolio Manager, asked his friend Mike to join him for this episode of The Optimistic Investor and share his expert opinion on the topic. They discuss the differences and similarities between DeFi and traditional finance, as well as the history of blockchain technology and where it might be headed in the future. Cryptocurrency still feels quite risky and even user-unfriendly to some, but Mike predicts that this will improve over time. As more and more Millennials and Zoomers enter the finance world, DeFi only becomes more and more relevant.

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