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The Optimistic Investor Podcast – What We Can Learn from Alaska

August 30, 2022

You may have heard the buzzword "longtermism" being used a lot lately, but what does it mean? It is defined as an ethical stance which gives priority to improving the long-term future.

Myron R. Sopher, InTrack's Managing Partner, has returned from an enlightening trip to Alaska and is back behind the mic to tell us all about it! In this episode, Myron revisits the topic of climate change and how the effects are very present in the Alaskan environment. He gained a lot of knowledge and insight after spending time with naturalist guides and residents that he shares with listeners, such as the way Alaskans use their natural resources wisely and how they function as a clan rather than separate families. Of course, he ties all of this back to ESG investing and other things we can all do now to impact the long-term future.

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Check out these photos from Myron's trip: