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What is Money Coaching?

Money coaching is a process that reveals the reasons why you make the financial decisions that you do. Many of your money-related behaviors and beliefs were actually developed subconsciously. Because of this, it’s hard to identify the challenging ones, much less address them, without the help of an unbiased third party. Your InTrack money coach will listen to you intently, respond without judgement, and help you improve your decision-making process in a way that will stand the test of time.

Are you, or you and your partner, struggling with financial decisions? Is this struggle causing stress and getting in the way of making progress toward securing your financial future? If so, taking the quiz below to discover your Money Types is the first step toward identifying and addressing issues that can be resolved.

Take The Quiz

The first step is to take the Money Type Quiz, which will reveal the challenging behaviors and attitudes you most need to understand and address.


Consult With Your Coach

Once you officially enter the core process, you will have four sessions, each one hour in length, that are to be completed in rapid succession. During these, your money coach will start by gathering information about your past dealings with money from childhood to present time.


 Dig Deeper

In order to learn about your past as it relates to money, your coach will have you complete a money history and money bio exercise. They then take that history and examine it for events that have impacted you and where you have formed subconscious behaviors and patterns around financial decisions.


Map It Out

After you and your coach have discussed your past money-related experiences, together you will create a detailed map on paper of all the patterns you have discovered. This helps to identify both challenging and positive behaviors.


Create A Plan

Next, you and your money coach will come up with a game plan on how you can work together to change the challenging patterns and strengthen the positive ones. The end goal is to help you control your own destiny around money.

Seek Support

Research shows that it usually takes at least six months for changes in our patterns to become permanent. Taking that into consideration, clients often chose to work with their money coach for an additional three to six months beyond the core process. This can help with holding you accountable so that you are able to make the changes you agreed upon.

Ready to get started?