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Fee-Only, Fiduciary Investment Management & Financial Planning

InTrack Investment Management clients and their families know that we are always there to help them navigate change and stay on course to achieving their long-term goals. We do this by integrating our deep understanding of their individual circumstances and values with our expertise in finance, global economics, entrepreneurial ventures, impact investing, and socially responsible investing. While our ultimate goal is to help them build and sustain wealth, our greatest pleasure is being an ever-present, trusted resource.

We’re getting ready to retire & it’s time to travel.

You’d like to maintain your lifestyle while being able to explore the world, and still leave a legacy for family.

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I need the guidance of a fiduciary financial planner. 

You don't need to move your money to a bank or a brokerage firm in order to get objective, fee-only financial planning. 

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I’m facing a transition & need help with decisions.

Maybe you sold a business or are facing a life change. You don’t want to make important decisions on your own.

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Want to instantly see if you're on track to achieve your financial goals?

This short exercise will lead you through questions about yourself, your goals, and your future objectives. You’ll get instant feedback about whether you’re on track or not. Then, you can choose to submit this information to our financial planning team and request that we review the information with you at no obligation. It’s the first step in utilizing our state-of-the-art financial planning software that aggregates all facets of your financial life. Quick, easy, and helpful.

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What is SRI?

Socially responsible investing (SRI) seeks both financial gain and social good.

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What is ESG?

The E stands for Environmental, the S stands for Social, and the G stands for Governance.

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Fee Only, Fiduciary Wealth Management

Chances are, you’re one of three types of clients that we work with; approaching retirement, starting to build wealth, or facing changing circumstances. As fee only financial advisors, we do not derive income from selling products. As such, we are positioned to offer you the unbiased advice you need at this stage of your life.

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"Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it.

Robert Kiyosaki